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SJSCA - the Swiss Journal of Sociocultural Anthropology reviews recent publications that make important theoretical or empirical contributions to anthropology. We have a particular focus on publications originating in the Swiss academic context. If you are interested in writing a book review, get in touch with the co-editors of the book review section, Sylvain Besençon ( and Anne Kukuczka ( for a choice of book to review or take a look at our bookshelf for a selection:


Aymeric Nsangou, Jacques. Les fortifications endogènes au Sénégal oriental (17ème-19ème siècle). Oxford : British Archaeological Reports, 2022, 174 p.

dos Santos Pinto, Jovita, Pamela Ohene-Nyako, Mélanie-Evely Pétrémont, Anne Lavanchy, Barbara Lüthi, Patricia Purtschert, Damir Skenderovic (eds). Un/doing Race. Rassifizierung in der Schweiz. Zürich/Genf: Seismo Press. 334 pp. (available in German and French)

Eitel, Kathrin. Recycling Infrastructures in Cambodia: Circularity, Waste, and Urban Life in Phnom Penh. London/New York. Routledge. 224 pp.

Farahmand Manéli, 2022. Néochamanisme maya. Passé revisité, pouvoir au féminin et quête spirituelle. Lausanne : Antipodes. 400 p.

Goodale, Mark. 2022. Reinventing Human Rights. Stanford : Stanford University Press. 232 p.

Roesler, Sascha, Madlen Kobi and Lorenzo Stieger (Eds.). 2022. Coping with Urban Climates. Comparative Perspectives on Architecture and Thermal Governance. Basel: Birkhäuser.

Spyer, Patricia. 2022. . Violence, Visuality, and Appearance in Indonesia. Fordham University Press. 336p.

 Turner, Sarah, Annuska Derks, Jean-François Rousseau (eds.). 2022. Fragrant Frontier: Global Spice Entanglements from the Sino-Vietnamese Uplands. Copenhagen: NIAS Press. 272 pp.

Beer, Bettina, Tobias Schwoerer. 2022. Capital and Inequality in Rural Papua New Guinea. Canberra: ANU Press. 210 pp.



Affolter, Laura. 2021. Asylum matters. On the front line of administrative decision-making. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan. 203 pp.

Bärnreuther, Sandra. 2021. Substantial Relations: Making Global Reproductive Medicine in Postcolonial India. Ithaca: Cornell University Press. 191 pp.

Berthod, Marc-Antoine, Dolores Angela Castelli Dransart, Alexandre Pillonel, Anthony Stavrianakis (eds). 2021. La mort appréciée. L'assistance au suicide en Suisse. Lausanne: Antipodes. 340 pp.

Brandel, Andrew, Marco Motta (eds). 2021. Living with Concepts. Anthropology in the Grip of Reality. New York: Fordham University Press. 352 pp.

Fargnoli, Vanessa. 2021. InVIHsibles. Trajectoires de femmes séropositives. Lausanne: Antipodes. 400 pp.

Faust, Lene. 2021. Neofaschismus in Italien. Politik, Familie und Religion in Rom. Eine Ethnographie. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag. 366 pp.

Gartmann, Thomas, Michaela Schäuble (eds.). 2021. Studies in the Arts – Neue Perspektiven auf Forschung über, in und durch Kunst und Design. Bielefeld & London: trancript Verlag. 209 pp.

Haller, Tobias, Karina Liechti, Martin Stuber, François-Xavier Viallon, Wunderli, Rahel (eds). 2021. Balancing the Commons in Switzerland. Institutional Transformations and Sustainable Innovations. London, New York: Routledge. 322 pp.

Helbling, Jörg, Tobias Schwoerer (eds). 2021. The Ending of Tribal Wars. Configurations and Processes of Pacification. New York, Oxon: Routledge. 280 pp.

Käser, Isabel. 2021. The Kurdish Women’s Freedom Movement. Gender, Body Politics and Militant Femininities. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 288 pp.

Lems, Annika, Kathrin Oester, Sabine Strasser (eds). 2021. Children of the Crisis. Ethnographic Perspectives on Unaccompanied Refugee Youth In and en Route to Europe. London/New York : Routledge. 172 pp.

Lüthi, Eva. 2021. Blicke auf das Dazwischen. Foto-Ethnografien zu Transformationen in Zürich. Zürich: Seismo Verlag. 440 pp.

Meizoz, Jérôme. 2021. Écrire les mondes vernaculaires. Littérature, ethnologie et création sociale. Rimouski, Trois-Rivières: Tangence éditeur.

Piñeiro, Esteban, Martina Koch, Nathalie Pasche (eds). 2021. Un/doing Ethnicity im öffentlichen Dienst. Ethnografien zum ethnischen Differenzieren am Beispiel von Jugendamt und Polizei. Zürich: Seismo Verlag. 152 pp.

Robinne, François. 2021. Birmanie. Par-delà l’ethnicité. Préfacé par Michel Agier. Paris: Éditions Dépysage. 268 pp.

Shaila, Seshia Galvin. Becoming Organic: Nature and Agriculture in the Indian Himalaya. Yale University Press. 320 p.